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HEADERS 65ss w/ ChassisWorks Front CLip.

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Anyone have opinions on what Headers fit best on Chevy II (1965ss) with Chassis Works front clip?? Im trying to stay away from the Chassisworks Headers due to cost... Thoughts?
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Thanks SoCal..ill take a look!
hmm.. if there was only some guy on here you could ask........
or call toll free.........

which engine?
which trans?
what use is car going to see?
Will be rolling with a 350, 700r4, 80%street. Tci 4link with chassis works front clip. just curious if anyone with similar application has any recommendations. Thx.

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hmm.. if there was only some guy on here you could ask........
or call toll free.........

OP, this is a BIG hint!!! He's a Chassisworks tech. He knows what will work, and he wont just try to sell you more parts.
I know Mike....he sold me my front clip! there a similar header setup from a measurement standpoint (year make model) that would work so I can look at other options? Thanks.

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Hooker supercomps fit well on my car pn 2243
yes .. a 2243 Hooker SuperComp 1.75 dia. will fit with an automatic or possibly a hydraulic or cable clutch.. will require the 153 tooth flywheel & maybe a ministarter.
may require a small dent on drivers side tube for steering shaft clearance.

Kooks makes a stainless header that might work also.. you would have to check with them. 3/4 length or shorty headers are also a maybe.

all header installs have to be aware of non OEM trans in the Chevy II .. if a "modern" transmission, i.e. T400, 700R4, 200R4. T56, Richmond, etc.. & the back of the engine is lowered to accomidate that trans, the headers may not fit or be very close to the ground..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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