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Head swap = positive results.

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Well, I had an opportunity to test the changes I made to the car yesterday.

My previous best ET was 10.93 @ 123 back in 07. It's never been that quick since.

Changes made:
*upgraded from a set of AFR 210's (pre-eliminators) to the current 210 eliminator heads. Both sets are the race ready head out of the box.
*Comp Cams belt drive
*crank trigger.
*electric vacuum pump.
*also changed my Cal Tracs setting (which hurt 60'). Will be going back to my previous settings.

The only thing that added performance was the head swap. The vacuum pump doesn't pull enough vacuum to increase power, and was installed as a test to see how well it would remove condensation.

Anyway, to the new times:

First pass, trans was low on fluid which effected the pass.
R/T .047
60 1.542
330 4.593
1/8th 7.083
MPH 99.07
1000 9.228
1/4 11.042
MPH 124.36

Second pass
R/T .018
60 1.553
330 4.527
1/8th 6.995
MPH 99.78
1000 9.127
1/4 10.929
MPH 125.05

Third pass (hot lapped right back into the lanes) and in the poorest air of the day with a DA of 3089.
R/T .028
60 1.533
330 4.471
1/8 6.921
MPH 100.36
1000 9.039
1/4 10.829
MPH 126.06

We did have a strong steady tail wind which helped out, but still some positive results. These new heads really work!
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congrats. looks like you have some more time left in there too. ive gotta ask. roughly how much did these upgrades cost?
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