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Head Bolt Help

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My nephew called me last night asking for help. He is rebuilding his bone stock 350 for his 71. He hasnt fired the motor and its still dry (no coolant). He has a set of ARP head bolts with the washers, but he coated all of his threads with the lube they give you.

My worry now is if he backs them all out and puts sealant on them, he wont get a good bond because of all the lube in the threads in the block.

Any advice?
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I'm not an expert - but I'd pull the heads and bolts, chase out the threads in the block, reinstall with the sealant on those that go into the water jacket, using the lubricant on the washer and underside of the bolt head ... better to be safe than sorry.. IMHO....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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