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Thank you, to all of you who have helped me this past year with my "74". I will be in the Hospital for a couple days. Hope to be home Friday. I am fighting Terminal Colorectal Cancer and the Chemo has kicked my butt. (no pun intended) I am fatigued and dehydrated. I will be fine.

I want to make sure all of you that read this makes arrangements to have a Colonoscopy please. Also make yourself aware of the symptoms of Colorectal Cancer. I had everyone of them and had no clue. That is the reason I have been given 1-3 years to live.

I am not going down without a fight, besides I got to much more to do with my car. LOL


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Hang in there Don, we hope you and your wife have a Happy Thanksgiving despite the hospital visit. I would recommend you order out and have your Thanksgiving meal
delivered. I can tell you from experience hospital food is still terrible.
Let us know when you get back in the loop.
Oh yea, I found you another '74 (Custom). It's in Houston.
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