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Here we phase....

Where to you all have your ground straps located? We just bought a set for the kids and there are (2) large and (2) small ones.

Picts would be great....but typed out is just fine.

They do NOT needs to be in OEM placement....


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I have no idea where the factory locations would be BUT here's what I would do to tie things together electrically.

Run the big one from an existing bolt, or a bolt hole you can use towards the rear or the motor. Make sure the surface is clean and then maybe also add a star washer under the bolt and then bolt one end of the ground strap to this spot. Now find another existing bolt or threaded stud on the firewall to where after cleaning this area, attach the other end of this ground strap to this location. Make sure you leave some slack as the engine does move around on the motor mounts.
Thinking about a good spot, maybe use the bolts holding on the brake resevoir to the firewall or where the brake booster bolts to the firewall. If the ground strap is long enough then run the other end over to a bolt on the exhaust manifold, the back of the cylinder head, or to a bolt on the intake.
A person too might be able to use a bell housing bolt and tie into an existing bolt below the face of the firewall for a cleaner look.

If you decide to make your own hole in the firewall DO not use a self tapping screw but drill the hole out and use a nut and bolt to make the connection.

The reason for the big strap to be run between the engine and the firewall is to ground all of the things inside the car and tie them into the battery and alternator system. If this strap is not present everything grounded inside of the car will try and find a ground through things like the shifter linkage, steering column and even through the emergency brake system. These paths are not good electrically.

Depending on the setup of the car you may not need any other ground straps but sometimes there was one from the frame to the firewall or from the frame to the engine block. Sometimes this cable was to reduce interference in the audio system and sometimes it was used to get a ground for the bumper mounted turn signal/parking lights.

I don't know how you car was put together but sometimes painting the radiator support seperately and then bolting it to the fenders and firewall did not always give a good ground for the headlights that are grounded to the radiator support. Paint is a very poor conductor of electricity and while mechanically things may be bolted together the electricalpath os poor.

You may also have a small gauge wire off of the battery negative cable and on this the end would go to a bolt on the inner fender lip. If it's there, use that one also.

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