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Grill,hood lock and supports?

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I'm still having lots of trouble to figure out the right parts for my car. When I got that car, the front was disassembled and with it came parts for 2-3 cars. There's a bent -62 grill and a little less bent -63 grill and various support braces and two different hood lock mechanisms. And I can not build a set that would fit. Not even though I have the assembly manual.

It is possible, that even though I have so many parts, I maybe do not have all original 1963 parts, but instead I have some 62, some 63 and some 64-6? parts.

If there's someone out there, who has a 1963 car available, I would VERY MUCH like to see it "behind the grill". Or if You're not in the neighbourhood, maybe someone could take a few fotos..?
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