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Engine:65 283

Body/Exterior:2 Door Hard Top

Front End:Stock 62, switching to 63 and on

Transmission:TH-350, 1800 stall

Rear End:10-bolt 3.08, one wheeled wonder

Exhaust:cast manifolds with quiet tubes and mufflers

Wheels/Tires:14" slotted mags

Interior: split bench front, bench rear, black vinyl and denim

Electrical:Stock, mess...


Sound system: AM radio, zero speakers

Comments: working to build a street beast out of her. The car is all there, runs good, just was not put together well at all. Idler arm rubbed the oil pan drain plug off the pan! Poor workmanship.

527 Posts
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Future Plans

Future plans for this car are street/drag setup motor/trans/rear/interior. :devil: Building slowly to be a streetable 600HP monster. :cool: I'd love to go LSX motor, but still undecided although stock ls heads flowing 300+ cfm has my full attention!:yes:

I have to admit, this hasn't been my favorite body style of the Novas:no: (66-67:yes:), I fully accept the responsibility to make her the smartest looking, super performing beast I know she can be!:devil:

  1. Get her running, shifting - C/W
    Changed intake manifold from 2bbl to 4bbl with 4160 vac sec carb. HEI ignition, runs good (stock 283).
    Added 4 quarts tranny fluid to TH-350, car up in air on jack stands, shifts thru 3 gears. Leaks like a colander so will be replacing pan gasket & rear seal.
  2. Rebuild stock front suspension to 63-67 model with Global West Suspension bearing upgrades.
  3. Inspected brakes all around, needs bled only.
    Was put up with good shoes/drums all around. Already has 5 lug drums!
    Install dual master cylinder with proportioning valve and line lock.
  4. Drive it so I can feel what else she needs (ok, just want to drive it before I tear it down again for motor/trans/rear end work!:devil:)
  5. CBR lower control arm install with stock steering (for now)
  6. Frame connectors
  7. Rear spring upgrade - not sure what I want just yet. Simple is best, not going 4-link or ladder bar yet, working slowly to a full on dragon slayer:devil:!!!
  8. 9" rear install - not sure which gears yet, will depend on engine/tranny/tire combo.
  9. Interior is stock for now, will upgrade to new front buckets with floor shifter before too long. Stock seat has springs poking thru the covers...not good.:no:
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