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Got some aintifreeze in cylinders, what next?

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I am partially tearing down a motor to put some new heads on as well as a few other things.

Well, I made a fairly boneheaded mistake, looking for some adivse.

I had drained out some of the anifreeze and pulled the heads. I was not ready to put the new ones on so I threw the old head gasket on with the old heads and snugged up a couple of bolts.

The motor rotated sligthly on the lift or maybe the floor is a little sloped where I moved it to.

Regardless, I pulled the head back off tonight and there was about 2-3 tablespoons of antifreeze in top of the piston.

I must not have drained enough out and it ran through one of the passages.

I soaked it up as well as possible with paper towels but am worried as I would think some would rund down past the rings.

What would you all suggest? Lower end is all assembled and fresh. Should I pull the pan off and clean up anything I can see? Wipe a little oil on cylinder walls as well?

Wont be running this motor for a little while (few months) and dont want to have any rust develop.
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if it sat for sometime some coolant may have seeped by the rings. it depends on cylinder finish and how well the rings are sealing. if you caught it basically right away just dry it up/blow it out w/air then you can oil down the cylinders...
Sat for probably 24 hrs or so......

Finish on the cylinders is good and rings should be tight.

I believe I will wipe a little 50W motoroil on the cylinder and then pull the pan back off tomorrow and clean up if I see anything.
i'd wipe it clean & blow it out real good... then oil 'em :yes: :yes: :yes:

i doubt you have anything to worry 'bout Brutha. ;) :thumbsup:
Hit the cylinders with a good blast of WD40 and wipe 'em down with a clean rag or paper towel. All's good, it happens all the time. :)
Thanks guys.

I figured it was not the end of the world but always want to go to that worse case scenario with stuff like this.
just change the oil when you are done.

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