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Went to the track for the first time since I got the motor running in November. First time to the track for me in 18 years. What a blast!! It's fun when everything works. I had no idea what the car would run. I was hoping for some solid 11's but wasn't really too confident. I'm feeling good now. Here's the numbers. Now of course, I want to go faster.

1st run
1.638 60ft
7.402 1/8th
91.86 mph
11.71 1/4
113.13 mph

2nd run

3rd run
Then I went 1st to neutral. Still not used to the reverse valve body. Oops! Thank goodness for rev limiters.

4th run

The last run I tried raising my shift points and I think it hurt me a little. That's okay I'm glad to shift low and go just as fast.

I didn't do any tuning. I was just trying to learn how to drive the car and get used to going down the track. The car handled great. Smooth as glass all the way down and felt like it was pulling all the way through. I pulled a plug once just to check it out and it looked pretty good. If anything, it may have been a little lean but not much.

So next time out I'd like to start playing with the tune a little to see if I can get a little more out of it but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions on a good plan of action?

Just wanted to post my results because I feel like I was fairly successful for my first time out thanks to all the reading and advice I've gotten off this board. Thanks for all the invaluable info along the way.

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Looks good to me......That 60 ft with a mid 11 second @ 113 tells me there is more in it... Top end is struggling a little bit @ 113. :yes:

More info on the car set up.
Suspension, shocks, trans/ conv. tires/slicks? Motor BBC or SBC ?

Any pics or video?

Well done! :yes:

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Thanks for the positive comments. Yeah, I also thought the mph was a little low. I guess that's where the tuning comes in. Here's the specs on the car.

70 nova, all steel, full interior w/bench seat.
Moser 12 bolt w/3.73 gears
weld in frame connectors
solid body bushings
caltracs, top hole, 2 flats of preload
unknow rear shocks
MT ET Street Radials 275/60-15 (19 lbs seemed to work well)

The front end is all stock, swaybar removed, 6 cylinder springs, everything as loose as I could get it. caltrac 90/10 shocks. The front end has a good 5 inches of travel.

The engine is a 383
zero decked 010 block
kb forged flat tops
Brodix IK200 64cc heads / out of the box
calculated 11:1 compression
lunati 40157 solid flat tappet camshaft
292/302 adv
256/268 @ .050
.550 int
.571 exh
110/106 lsa/icl
1 5/8 headers w/3 inch collectors into 3 inch pypes x-pipe, pypes race pro mufflers and 3 inch tailpipes
Team G intake with 1inch 4hole spacer(have 1inch open to try)
Holley 750hp w/35 front pv and 74 jets
blocked rear pv and 82 jets
msd digital e-curve locked at 38 degrees

th350 trans full manual reverse valve body(thanks to Jakeshoe)
Edge 9.5 inch 4200 converter

Am I forgetting anything?

I was leaving at about 1500 to 2000 rpm. Not really sure where the converter was flashing. Too much going on for this rookie to pay attention to that. Any advice is appreciated.

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Friends at the track said it was hooking and going. No spin. They also said I was getting a little air under the tires. No pics darn it. I need to try to watch the tach leaving the line. I'm not sure the converter is flashing as high as I'd like.

Here's a little more info. Since we can only get 91 at the pump around here, I was running VP unleaded 101 fuel I got at a distributor right around the corner from my house. I know with my combo I can probably tune it to work on pump gas, I just didn't want to risk it my first time out. Could the higher octane actually be hurting me? Also what about the 38 degrees of timing?

Thanks againg for the input.

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Yeah, a roll cage is on the list for this winter maybe. Better safe than sorry. Of course the extra weight isn't going to help. I need to find a way to offset it.

Weather permitting, I may try to go back next Sunday and see if I can do a little tuning. The quest begins. And I told myself if I could just run some 11's I'd be happy. Hah!
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