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Model:Chevy II 400 Series

Engine:194 Inline Six

Body/Exterior:Bone Stock with a little hint of Aqua Blue

Front End: Stock


Rear End:Stock (don't even know the stock specs)


Wheels/Tires:current photos on hub caps, but will be updated to 14x8s

Interior: Aqua Blue Hell

Electrical:Works well.....for now

Accessories/Options:power steering

Sound system:Just the enging for now.

Currently working on the inline just to make it drivable. I have a 283 out to the side that will be built up slowly. Before I get to the V8, I would like to upgrade the suspension and braking systems, change the fule tank, change the trunk pan, then bondo and weld where needed.


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Medium turquoise metallic, one of my favorite colors. I had a ’63 2 door sedan that was your color with clear Imron over it, I wish I still had it.
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