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GM Canada Docs tell the Truth...Most of the Time!

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This 67 is advertised as an L79, but mentions later it has a non original 1966 engine.

GM Canada didn't build any 1967 L79 Chevy IIs or Acadians and as the documentation shows, this car was born an L30. The ad mentions the body color painted trunk and firewall and says 'nice options.' Sorry, not options. That's the way they all came. Note the D33 LH outside remote control mirror and, even though I can't see them, A85 front seat shoulder harness in addition to lap belts. This car also came with power brakes and metallic facings.

For those of you wondering about the cowl tag, that's the way they were on Canadian cars.....four holes. but only two used to attach it. From the looks of the mounting method, this one was likely off the car at some point. Note the ACC line uses the actual RPO codes instead of 'codes for the codes' like U.S. cars. This one has the D33 remote mirror and M20 tranny listed. My 1966 SS even showed the L79 engine code.

George Zapora must have documented this car late on a Friday afternoon:). Note at the top it calls it an '1867' Chevrolet Nova SS:eek:. Also, the 1-10-6 plant code date on the cowl tag (1st shift, October 6th) is after the indicated production date of October 4th when the cowl tag would already have been on the car. Because the shipping date is October 19th, I'm wondering if the production date was actually October 14th. There are errors made in the documentation process from time to time. My 1970 Nova SS L78 with Black trim was documented the first time as Jade. There is also one car in the Canadian L79 registry documented with a six cylinder engine number :eek:.

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nice car :yes:
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