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This is for my buddys boat. It is a 95 7.4l (454) GEN V. It was carbureted and we put and Mercruiser EFI from a 502 in it. Long story short ( :rolleyes: )

We are having the ECM for the EFI reflashed and the guy wants so info on the engine, and we have no idea what it is besides a 454. We were trying to at least get the guy the lift specs. With the dial indicator on the retainer it only measured .380 lift, it has 1.7 roller rockers. So this would make the lobe lift .223-4

I have not seem that small of a lift before. All of the BBC boats I have ever worked on are in the .5XX range and higher. Funny thing is this thing hauls butt and sounds like it has a .450-.500 lift cam. This thing is no slouch. It's a 21'er and with a 3 blade prop @ 24 pitch prop and will do 70MPH with 2 people in it.

I just find it hard to believe the cam is that small. Anyone with ant info or boat people :eek:. AL. Help me out.


on edit; we did provide casting # of the heads and valve size. 14097088...91-up...rect...OPEN...Gen.V 454/502 HO, 118cc chamber 2.19/1.88 short of that no idea about compression.
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