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Are you talking about the entire removal proceedure from the doors and quarters or just how to remove the glass from the channel track base?
I used to be a glass and trim specialist in a restoration shop and have done lots of side glass replacements.
There is a certain order of steps to take in removing the glass from the doors and quarters, but each car is different in proceedure. Your best bet there is to refer to a factory assembly manual or maybe the shop manual.

Usually the old glass can be carefully pryed off the metal track channels they are set in. Sometimes they are tightly held in and sometimes they pull right off. Depends on the condition on how easily it is removed.
To reinstall new glass on the track channels, You'll need some glass setting strips from your local galss shop. its kind of like a thin sticky asphaltic rubber looking strip. You can even use strips cut from a bicycle inner tube if you can't find the right stuff. First clean or media blast the channels to remove old setting residue and any rust. Painting them is optional. Use a little ( just a little and not too much) weatherstripping or trim adhesive ( somtimes soap will work)on the channels and strips to act as a lubricant as you lightly tap the glass back over the setting strips into the channels with a soft rubber mallet. This can be a little messy if you use too much adhesive or soap. Then use a razor to cut off the excess setting strip and let the adhesive cure. Then reinstall in the door. Just work carfully and slowly with patience and you shouldn't have a problem.
Or just take em to a glass shop and have the channels swapped over, if you feel unsure about doing this kind of job yourself.I know glass can be expensive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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