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I was on the nova listserv for a few years, but all of a sudden life had other plans for me to attend to. Hopefully now I'm in a position to spend some more time getting my cherished 3rd gen back on the road. I can see that some of the most knowledgeable nova folks from back in the day are here, and I hope to take advantage of all of what all of y'all know, in helping me to make that happen....

A short intro to my car... A 74 that came with a 350 2bbl\350 tran combo, and disc brakes from GM. Just before the turn of the millenium, I had put enough time in to completely revamp the stock suspension , front and rear, with HD springs, poly bushings everywhere, oversize swaybar, HD shocks, and just enough motor parts to make her run a tad better. RPM manifold, Q-jet, headers, and a Crane Fireball ign box. She was my daily driver for almost 2 yrs, and in the process the heads got bad enough, that I was ruining plugs every 1k miles from the oil leakage, probably mostly from the guides and seals. Bought a pair of rebuilt Vortec heads to upgrade and fix, but then life happened. So I'm here now to get some help from y'all. She has basically sat for the last 4 yrs and the gas tank went bad, (leaks like crazy), and I'm needing to replace it and the lines up to the front of the car, because I didn't have the sense to keep starting and running her at least once a month to keep exactly this kind of thing from happening.

Thank you all for your help in advance, am looking forward to getting some advice from y'all once school is out, and I have some time to get on this....
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