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Gen VI vs earlier big block chevy differences?

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Looking for some information on what the main differences are between the Gen VI BBC (502) and earlier generation big blocks. What parts, especially the valvetrain, interchange? Links are good too!

Thanks! :D
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1p crank as compared to 2pc crank seal
Oil pan rails and seal radius different (Gen5/6 same)
Gen 6 had tall lifter bores and designed for hyd roller cam
Gen 6 has no fuel pump boss
Gen 6 will take up to 4.750" stroke
Gen 6 blind tapped cylinder head bolt holes
Gen 6 takes a stepped cam with cam retaining plate
Gen 6 will accept Mark 4 heads with special head gaskets
Gen 6 heads had metric bolt down rockers
Gen 6 had priority main oiling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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