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Gen I door window gasket fitment problems

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I installed the gasket to the door garnish stainless molding (top of door) and it is making too much contact with the window. When I roll the window down the gaskets pulls itself from the stainless molding. :eek:
I don't see an adjustment that would allow me to move the glass towards the center line of the car thus reducing the tension on the gasket.
I am using a gasket and fuzzie kit made by Repops.
If you have experienced this and know of a solution I would love to hear it!:yes:
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Hi can u post pic I am doing my windows now and haven't had this problem yet but I'm doing a wagon so it might be different hey your in Lakewood I'm real close in fircrest. Brian
Those things are a tremendous pain in the #$*. I just went through this when I took my doors apart to replace window channels. I was on a self imposed deadline, and I got so frustrated with those that I jut re-installed my old ones for now.

Some of the little tabs wouldn't line up with the slots in the stainless, and the ones that I could get lined up wouldn't hold it. It would just rip right off when I rolled the window down.

Honestly, the only way I can see to make them work would be to pop rivet the rubber to the trim every 2", and press the rivets flat so that the molding will fit back on the door.

I believe mine were softseal.
First i have to ask,is your lower door glass channel rusted and swollen?If so replace them.If not then i will discuss further.

The reproduction window fuzzy kit is what you are refering too.

Unfortunately what you say is true. They are made of a soft material and the tabs that hold it place just bend when the lower door glass channel touches them.I had the same problem with a buddy's car on the outer rubber wiper.

I removed them and put 5 pop rivets along the length into the door stainless.i used the smallest rivets avail.once installed on the car you will not see the rivets.

before you install the inner fuzzy piece,paint the attaching clips black as mine were green and stick out like a sore thumb.

Isnt it funny that GM and american technology and workmanship in 1962-1965 is far superior than china's ability to reproduce the same part today.and they have an example to go by!

Its sad that today a half-*** job is good enough! SHIP IT!
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I know and feel your pain. I went through the same problem with my 63. Started with a set from X-american made, worthless. Got the repops, not perfect but okay. Believe me you still have to do some altering and trimming along with window adustment, they can be adjusted to redirect the up and down travel. I did soap the glass until I had the right angle and travel on the glass. And that is just the beginning, cause you still have to move to the rear glass and they were just as painful.
OK Guys,
I'll take your advice and do the pop rivet thing:yes:
I called Repops today after reading your comments and they said this is not an uncommon problem and that I should use the screws that came packaged in the kit to suppliment the mounting tangs. I can do this but I sure wish they had included an instruction sheet explaining the possible need to do this.
Anyway, thanks to all of you that provided answers. It helped me a lot.
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