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So I cant believe I missed such simple thing but I am so glad I discover the problem after so many months of searching.

I still have my 307 factory motor that I rebuilt with mutha thumper cam, lifters, valve springs, valves, gaskets, piston rings, etc., running in the car.
But after such a long time, many postings and lots of hours trying to figure out the problem I met this guy while aligning my front end he schooled me real fast about the problem.

Let me explain.
I bought a 600 CFM 4 barrel Holley carb for that motor however this motor came with a 2 barrel. I never realize that the new 4 barrel was jet to fit a 350 block so all this time I was flooding the valves, not burning gas properly therefore just running on raw gas.
As you guys know I am building a 350 CID 4 bolt main with all the works so what I did was,I took the rochester 500 cfm that came with the motor I purchased and install that carb on my 307.

HELLO! Problem solved. No more gas smell and it runs a lot better due to better response in the valve/piston chamber.

So now I have a running 307 with a 500 cfm Rochester on my car and the Holley 600 will go on the new 350 Motor.
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