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Took my car out to Greer Dragway this weekend for the first time after sitting all winter and proceeded to make a real *** out of myself.

Car would leave the line alright, then would fall on it's face. Turns out the 'gas pick-up/sending unit' has rusted out and was picking up more air than fuel.

Don't see where anyone makes a reproduction pick-up for '73-'74's although they're available for all other years.


Bobby Z.

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bulkhead fiting

I had a similar problem on my 74 nova, It was running out of gas about 200 feet from the end of the 1/4. Found out that they have a 5/16 pickup in the tank. So I used a bulkhead 8an (1/2) 90 degree fitting and ran it down by the old pickup tube, and ran 1/2 alum line to fuel pump from new pickup. Now I get plenty of fuel. There are some pictures of this on this site somewhere. That is where I got the idea. Good luck.:)

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