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I installed an electric fan. The fan draws more current than I'd like to see without a relay (somewhere between 10A and 20A) so I picked up a relay while I was out today. I wandered in the store for a while looking for a generic relay, no luck. I bit the bullet and (gasp!) asked a clerk for help. Turns out he actually sort-of knew what he was doing, which was a pleasant surprise.

I need a 20A anything generic? He replies "I don't think we have 20's, but I am pretty sure we have 30's." Sure, that will work I say, and he shows me to the right spot in the store with boxes with big lettering "40 Amp Relay" I figure 40A is *really* bigger than I need, but...for $2.99, that will work.

It's a blister package, so I squint at the printing on the relay itself...20A in the open position, and 30A in closed. basically the packaging was *a complete lie*, and it's really a 30A relay. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in the first place, but I wonder how many electrical meltdowns and fires were caused by this mislabeling.

Moral of the story: READ THE FINE PRINT!

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