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fuel vapor line question

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hi folks,i have a 1962 chevy2 with a 153 ci motor and a one barrel carb.i really have 2 questions.first-i put a new gas tank on and there was a rotted fuel vapor line on the filler neck,i couldnt tell where it ran to.i got a new sending unit and put everything back together and i dont see anywhere to run it to,any sugestions? second there is a connection on the carb that a guy told me was a manifold heat deal,i he said it would b a connection on the manifold to hook it to.i cant find one anywhere,any help
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The factory ran that vent line into the frame just above the axle. I don't know about the carb fitting but someone will chime in.
heat tube

the guy at mikes carb. called it a heat tube,said it attached to the manifold somewhere
If it is a heat tube and it does go to the exhaust manifold it is for the automatic choke. Is it attached to the choke? I thought in 62 they used divorce chokes but I could be wrong. Some second gens have a heat tube that goes from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner to heat up the air going into the carb during warm up but on a 62 I don't think they had those.

WOW you have a 4 cyl??!! I've never even seen one. They're very uncommon. Do you have pictures? Have you driven with it? Does it have very much power?? LOL sorry curiosity is getting the better of me here.


cant seem to post pics here,its on my facebook page,randy cothran from nunnelly tn.if u cant find it send me yur e mail and i will send it to ya,my phone is 615 972-1744 if u have a problem
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