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Fuel system after sitting 6 yrs with gas in the fuel cell

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I guess there had to have been some water in the sump cause it rusted the filter cage off. Very ugly. This is from my old Nova I just brought home from Ohio.

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excellent example of what will happen in a fuel system after sitting for years...

maybe some newcomers will see and understand why you can't always take a barn/field find and just "start it up" ;)

good luck with it Joe. :thumbsup:
WOW thats ugly is any of it useable............
The filter housing seems fine as do all the fittings and teflon lined hoses. I'll glass bead the filler cap rings and clean the cell out, put a new filter in and see if it all works or not, adjust accordingly.....LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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