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fuel pressure problem

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I have a fuel pressure problem, it keeps dropping to "0" after about 10 minutes and dies out.
It will keep running if i drive it
I have a new holley (remauf.from Holley) 700 Dbl.Pump, new fuel pump,was a holley 130 Gph, now a Edelbrock 110Gph and a jegs regulator. AN fittings from the Russell fuel filter before the reg., just checked and cleaned.
I hooked air pressure to the line from before the pump back to the tank and "No" restriction
After i shut it down when the pressure drops, it will build pressure back again to about 5 lbs in 10 minutes.
Any Clue whats up????? Or what to check next??? Thanks Eric

Also i tried bypassing the regulator too, same thing happens.
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Try running it without the regulator. It might have a restriction in it causing the decreasing pressure.

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