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fuel pressure problem

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I have a fuel pressure problem, it keeps dropping to "0" after about 10 minutes and dies out.
It will keep running if i drive it
I have a new holley (remauf.from Holley) 700 Dbl.Pump, new fuel pump,was a holley 130 Gph, now a Edelbrock 110Gph and a jegs regulator. AN fittings from the Russell fuel filter before the reg., just checked and cleaned.
I hooked air pressure to the line from before the pump back to the tank and "No" restriction
After i shut it down when the pressure drops, it will build pressure back again to about 5 lbs in 10 minutes.
Any Clue whats up????? Or what to check next??? Thanks Eric

Also i tried bypassing the regulator too, same thing happens.
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It could be a rubber line collapsing. You can blow through them no problem, but the pump drawing fuel from the tank is able to collapse old line that might have been kinked at one time or runs over a sharp edge.Like trying to drink a soda through a kinked straw. Just something to check,been there.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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