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Fuel Cell Question(s)

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Hey all. I recently found that the gas tank in my '71 was rusted through. I figured this situation would happen one day and I prepared an old fuel cell that was laying around. Over the weekend I mounted it and ran 3/8" rubber hose in place of the stock steel line.

Today, for the second time since the swap, my fuel stopped pumping. I'm pretty sure the issue is that the stock pump lacks the power to lift fuel from the cell. Should I shell out for a high-performance pump or add an electrical pump to lift fuel toward the mechanical one?

On a side note, my mom (an avid dirt track driver) thinks I should get a cell that fits under the car instead of in the trunk. I think it is just a waste of effort to do that, since mounting in the trunk is tried-and-true. Another option she suggested is buying a replacement tank ($100) and reverting back to stock. I intend the car to be a powerful daily driver, but I don't want to go over the top where I don't need to.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.


**P.S. Sorry for originally posting in the wrong area.
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Do you mean that you ran a rubber line the full length from the tank to the engine, instead of using the steel line? If so, then that's going to be a lot of your problem. Not only do you get significantly more head loss in the rubber hose than you would in a hard line, but it compounds itself by the rubber hose being able to collapse under suction, thereby pinching itself off.

Another issue is that you want to make sure you're not getting fuel starvation at the pickup point in the tank. If it sucks air, then the pump can lose its prime.

My two cents' worth is to spend the hundred bucks and replace it with a new stock tank and then spend a few more bucks and plumb a hard line from the tank up to the engine bay.
Yes, I have run rubber line the full length (partly because I'm a noob, partly because it was cheaper). Thanks for the info. It doesn't seem like I could be starving it at the pickup, but I'll double check. I'm heavily considering replacing the fuel pump as well since it is factory stock and I'm not sure if it's working fully anyway.

It seems like this would be benefit me as a good replacement/minor upgrade pump. Yay? Nay?
Jegs SBC Fuel Pump

Would this line work? Just cut and bend as needed?
Jegs 20' Fuel Line
I agree, I like metal fuel lines. Do I have them? No. Is it a bad idea? Yes. On a few levels. For me I have the added issue that my car is fuel injected. So my rubber line that runs all the way from the cell (or pump, which is next to the cell) is at a high pressure.

I did use EFI specific hose, but its NOT meant to be used for the entire system, its only to be used on short connections. Its a high quality hose and shielded very well. But there is not a day that goes by when Im working on the cars and say to myself, self, get off yer lazy azz and run some metal fuel lines.

Now besides the additional pressure I have the rubber hoses can become weak. Good hoses, I dont think so. Mine has been in place for 15 plus years and its still good to go. But I have read numerous stories where folks have had problems with rubber fuel line.

So that aside, if it were my car Id be looking for an original tank. I ONLY have a cell cause a tank wont fit under my car, suspension issue :D

Solly to get a lil off track. Back to working on what you do have? I have two vehicles with the mechanical pump and a small electric pump to feed the mech pump.

Both cars work great and Im glad I did the electric pump. One, a motorhome had just too far of a run for the mech pump to keep up. By giving the mech pump a lil head pressure it has not failed me yet.

The other is a lil fiat spider and I cant remember but I may have deleted the mech pump entirely, I cant remember. But again, the rearward mounted pump has been working great.

But I still think the best option fer you would be to get a stock mounted tank, I would if I could. That prolly wont help yer fuel feed issue, I think there is more going on than just the rubber line and the cell. JR
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