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Fuel cell foam deteriorate without ever being used?

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I've had a 20 gallon Summit fuel cell for a few years now. It was brand new and never had been wet. I plummed the Edelbrock EFI all up and got most of it wired. Last night I was turning the key on and off and the pump was running. But I never got any pressure up front. After several times I took the feed hose off up front and it didn't smell like gas or was it damp. The pump was loud. I've heard of this stuff coming apart. I've had about 5 gallons of gas in for about a week.

I guess I'm going in tonight and see what's up. I bought a new filter. I'm seriously considering removing the foam even if its not the problem. Wouldn't be much different than a stock tank I wouldn't think.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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