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?Front wheels in the air?

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Time for a stupid question. Besides big motor, how do you get a 4-link to put the front wheels in the air and carry for a while?
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x3 on this you dont see prostockers doing big ol wheelies :no: but if you must you may need to change your "instant center" to achive this :yes:
Did you not watch the last drag race? Jason Line did a heck of a wheel stand. Something messed up and had it on the back bumper. LOL

Just kidding, you can get it to wheel stand with a 4 link. I have seen guys mess up their setups and do wheelstands with tube cars and end up crashing. It sure is alot of fun with the wheels in the air though. I kept telling my Dad to raise the wheelie bars on our old Camaro so I could put it on the bumper, but he kept reminding me about the consistency and better et's if you don't do it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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