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this subject has been beat to death, but here we go. don't beat me up too bad.

I'm building a small tire (70%) street/drag race (8.50et) turbo car. I need more space in the engine bay. I know i need min of 5" of front travel. It looks as though most of the bolt on (street)clips may not achieve this, i want something with a lower ball joint and spindle that will handle street driving. I have cal-trac split mono leafs and bars, 275-60 x15 drag radial.

I did a search on google and this site. i found a couple companies selling MacPherson strut suspension kits for 60's mustangs. has anyone seen a strut front for 62-67 chevyII with Macpherson struts?
i forgot to add EXCEPT fatman fab.
like this:
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