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Hey guys..... just throwing this out there as an odd situation I have in my 66 wagon with a 400 small block. The engine has about 12k miles and has been in my wagon for 13 years... I have never had any issues with it... I decided this spring to find an original front sump pan to get better ground clearance..
So I grinded down the new Mellings M73 oil pump for clearance and also had to grind down a little on the rod nut. Installed the new set up and now I have a pretty bad vibration between (2700-2900 rpm). you can even feel it in the floor boards and it has almost a rhythm like feel... it is not coming from anywhere else as I can put the car in neutral and it does the same thing...
Has anyone had this issue with an Oil pump or Shaft?? I did put the pump in a vice to grind it for clearance...
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