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Front springs?

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well,I am getting back to work on my wagon! YAY I have different spindles,new ball joints,disc brakes,ect to put on the front. These are stock parts. The ball joints are the HD parts from TRW.
My question is what springs should I use? I have looked at Moroso drag springs. These seem to be reasonable and I have also looked at Competition shocks as well that are adjustable. 90/10,60/40,ect. DDo you think that these would be OK to start off with,kinda get my feet wet. I need to look at parts that do not cost an arm and a leg. If I go high end,then I will have to wait and i would rather get it together. I have been under the weather so it would be good to work on the wagon as it would be good for me to do so.
I have a couple of other projects as well. One is a 1962 F100 Unibody with a 462 Lincoln engine with a C6 behind it. The other is a 65 Chevelle drag car that i found in a field in Ohio. It sat out in the weather for decades so it needs a bunch of metal work and is a long term project. As for the F100,it would be cool to haul the 62 Chevy II wagon on a trailer to the track behind a 1962 F100. At least I think it would be cool. ;)
Anyway,getting off track here. as far as springs,go with stock springs or find newones like Moroso springs? I have been looking for a pair of springs that someone put on and then took off (maybe they changed the front end or....) but have not had any luck finding any used parts for springs and shocks. The springs that are in there are unknown as far as V8 or I6. There are those little spring spreaders in them so I am guessing I6 springs andthen ust used them with the spreaders with a V8. Any suggestions,ideas,whatever? I would like to go the whole CBR route and was planning on doing that until I had a bit of a problem so for the moment,gotta do what I gotta do. I am not one to sit around if I can help it. Thank you in advance. Jim
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I run Moroso trick springs and 90/10 Lakewoods in my 67 and neither broke the bank. I think @ $120 for the springs and @ $100 for the shocks. It's not the most street friendly setup but works great at the track. It also doesn't help I'm not running a front sway bar but that's besides the point.
Ive used the springs and shocks in question a bunch of times and they work just fine for most car,s. You do have to trim the springs to the height you want and I highly recommend you leave them long the first time as they do settle a good bit. I cut em where the car is about three inch's higher than I want and install em, once they have settled you can trim again if it's not where you want it but Ive known a bunch of guys cut em to where they want em the first time only to have to replace the spring because it was to short once it settled.
Check out
they have good stuff at great prices
I put Moroso trick springs on my 67, along with Calvert 90/10s, less than $200 for both. I installed them without cutting, drove it, cut 1/2 coil, drove it some more, cut another 1/2 coil and it was right where I wanted. I drive it on the street all the time, including 170 miles round trip to the track and am very happy with the ride. I do have an anti-roll bar up front which I disconnect at the track. You could spend a lot more with only marginally better performance at the track for an 11 second car.
thats a great start those moroso drag spring have a loft of stored energy
which is needed for weight transfer the shocks will do fine for now.later down the road you can up grade the front shocks with something better for better control of the front
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