Just putting this out there to see if someone would want this? I got a lot of info from you guys here and wanted to offer it here first. I don’t know what to call it but my friend made it for me so I could work on my car and move it around with only the rear end installed. Bolts up to the firewall so you can work on it also. Not sure if all years from 62 to 67 are the same but it bolts up to my 67. Giving it away free but one catch is I am in Hawaii so shipping will be a pretty good sum. I figure it to be roughly 35 lbs or so. Guessing shipping could be maybe $75 or so? I’ll collect only the exact amount to ship. Anyone interested lmk. Or I’ll look here locally.

Wood Rectangle Gas Tints and shades Rolling
Wood Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system Metal
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Asphalt Bumper Gas