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Ford Explorer 8.8 inch rearend into a 65

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I have a 65 model, 6cyl/PG car.

Droppin an LS3 and 4L65 into it, and will be puttin a Ford 8.8 inch rearend in as well.

Looking to connect with any folks here who have done this mod. I'd like to hear insights and warnings about the best way to make it work.

Still have to mod the rearend, (narrow the long tube...cut off old spring perches), but am trying to make some decisions on back-halfing the car and goin with coil-overs, or if I might just wanna stick with the leafs but move them inboard.

I'd really like it if I could make the car look pretty darn stock to the casual observer making a quick glance.

Obviously this won't be a stock vehicle. But the ESSENCE I'd like to go after is best portrayed by the way the '62 409 Bel Air clone car owned by Joe Horisk looks (and featured on page 40 of the September 2012 issue of Super Chevy).

What would I have to do to make the car look pretty much like a stock 327 car (leaf springs) but make it hook hard, and fit the biggest tires that'll fill the stock wheel well?

Ok, that's a lot of info. Don't mean to ramble. Just tryin to figure out if sleeper looks, near stock looking external appearance to include leaf springs, could all be combined in a package that could connect 500hp to the pavement in somewhat meaningful fashion! :D

If there's too much compromise on being able to make the car function (connect the torque/hp to the pavement for 1/4 mile work) AND look nearly stock...then I'll probably go ahead and start lookin a lot closer at somethin like a Chris Alston (or similar) type rear suspension.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom I'm sure I'll gain here! I'm excited about my project!!
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