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For all you 1st genners: Brian MC's '63 Post

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Rodger just sent me this pic of Brian MC's '63. The stance on this thing is so spot on it hurts to look at it!:eek::D

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Looks good parked. :yes:

It doesn't look like he could drive with it that low though.
It's not the ground clearance I'm talking about. It doesn't look like he would be able to do anything but "cruise" in a straight line.

It's hard to tell from this agnle though how narrow the front wheelbase is.

That's what I'm trying to figure-out now. How low can I go with the 66 and still be able to comfortably drive it (and be able to turn off an exit ramp).
Yeah you can tell from that pic that he has dramatically narrowed the front wheelbase.

Is the turning radius limited? What is the front wheelbase hub to hub? 48" or so?

It looks like the turning radius is limited some some but not to the point he couldn't drive it.

Any pics or details on th front suspension?
Yeah it's awesome that's for sure.

Super trick.;)
I'd like to know what the dimension is hub to hub (wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface) in the front?

Any way you can find that out for me?
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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