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hey guy this is the first time i pull an inline 6 out of my 63 nova.i was just wondering how many bolts keep the engine attached to the automatic trans?
i already discontected all the wires,fuel line,motor mounts and the 4 bolts i could see on the tranny from the top side.but when i went to lift it up a little just to see if there was anything i missed it seems the tranny is still attached very well to the block.i did not do anything else like force it or beat it with a hammer (LOL) i just set it back down and came online to see if you guys could give me some tips.
is there some bolts on the bottom of the trans that i need to crawl under and remove?

thank you guys.

i have pulled engines in past but all this is new to me.
no i am not putting in a toyota engine in my nova.
although that new V8 in the tundra does look pretty powerful.just joking

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More than 4

There are most likely more than four. I belive there are 6 to 8 bolts that hold the transmission to engine.

Also you must remove the flywheel cover and unbolt the converter from the flywheel on an automatic transmission.

(from 62 shop manual)
Manual transmission
1.Remove clutch housing cover plate screws.
2. Remove bolts attatching the clutch housing to engine. Remove transmission and clutch housing assembly.
3. Remove starter and clutch housing cover plate.
4.loosen cluctch-to-flywheel bolts a turn at a time. (to prevent distortion of clutch cover) untill the spring pressure is released. remove all bolts, clutch disc and pressure plate.

You will need a tool to realine the manual clutch if you are reinstalling it.

Manual says to remove motor and transmission as a unit from the vehicle.

Either way they warn you to support the transmission to prevent damage to the cluch disc as the transmission is pulled away from the engine.

I am pulling my 194 from my 64 this weekend to change the front clip. The old clip is rusted from its life in Illinois. Mine is a powergluide car and I am plannig to leave the transmission in if possible.

Good luck

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I left my trans and bellhousing in..there were 6 bolts holding the bellhousing onto the engine...I've sense removed the bellhousing and transmission...Tho mine is a 3 speed manual..I don't see any differece of how the trans would mount to the engine. they have the same number of bolt holes.....My engine came out very easy.....I had plenty of room after removing the radiator and all the other things that were easy to remove.....
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