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The radiator has to come out to pull them together. The driveshaft and trans crossmember has to go as well as the transmission cooler lines and any electrical connection that may be in the way. Once you start up with it and everything tilts you are going to have a mess if you don't put something over the tailshaft. I try to keep a spare yoke to slide in the transmission but I have just used a gallon ziplock bag and some good wire ties.

Don't know if you've taken your headers off but they need to be off also. Check your exhaust pipes. They may have to go. When everything is loose put a chain or something on your engine. You want a little slant to be able to get your engine up over the radiator support. Go slow and keep your eyes open for anything you may have missed. It has always been easier for me to get the front of the car up a little before pulling both together. It is not a one man job. Once it has started out it may be easier to put the car back down so you can roll it back out of the way.

When we were working a lot in the shop we could have it out laying in the floor in a couple hours tops.
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