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Go to Princess and grab a 12 point 7/16" or 3/8" wrench. It takes time but one point at a time. We've all been there... Patience will have it out in no time. Sometimes a socket just won't work, friend...
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LOL - Gotta do what ya gotta do!!

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@69_RevHead now that I'm on a computer, it really looks like you should be able to fit a box wrench onto that bolt. Also if you never noticed, some sockets and wrenches have thinner or thicker walls.
and thinner beams too... as well as an offset on the points, if you flip the wrench 180°sometimes you can gain purchase on the flats of the bolt/nut head where otherwise you couldn't. Disregard the bend in the shank... you got this!

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I made this for my car specifically, but it is complete and I could have it out in an hour or two without breaking a sweat.

1Remove Hood
2Disconnect Battery1/2" Open End
3Drain CoolantBucket/Hose
4Remove Air Cleaner
5Disconnect Throttle Linkage
6Disconnect Fuel LineAN-6 fitting 3/4 & 11/16
7Remove Carburetor1/2" Open End
8Rotate engine to TDC
9Mark Distributor Timing
10Remove DistributorDistributor Wrench
11Remove Plug Wires
12Remove A/C Compressor
13Remove Valve Covers
14Disconnnect Fan Wiring
15Remove Radiator5/16" Driver & 1/2" Socket/Wrench
16Disconnect Header Collector, Pass9/16" Offset Wrench and Socket
17Unbolt Header, Pass3/8"
18Remove Spark Plugs, Pass5/8"
19Pull Header Up, Pass
20Remove Spark Plugs, Driver5/8"
21Disconnect Header Collector, Driver9/16"
22Unbolt Header, Driver3/8"
23Drop Header Down, Driver
24Disconnect Engine Harness
25Remove Driver Seat
26Remove Center ConsolePhillips Screwdriver
27Remove Shifter9/16"
28Raise Rear of Vehicle
29Remove Driveline1/2"
30Disconnect Speedometer Cable
31Disconnect Backup Light WiringPhillips Screwdriver
33Disconnect Clutch Hyd Line9/16"
34Drop Steering Linkage3/4"
35Remove Crossmember Nuts
36Plug Transmission Output Shaft
37Remove Motor Mount Bolts
38Lower Vehicle
39Pull Engine/Transmission Assy.
Great list! kinda foolproof (unless I'm doing it! :p ).
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