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First time out today and...

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First pass was 11.74 @ 119mph. Left at 4000, way not enough RPM. 1.883 60'. Second pass left at 7000, 1.66 60' and that was about it. Apparently I didn't put it in first and left in third. Tried to shift into second, no second gear. Slow ride the rest of the way. I had fun even with breaking the trans. We'll see what it need next week sometime. T56 faceplated trans, just in case.
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ouch, sorry to hear about the trans. hope its not expensive to fix.

its a sbc? whats the rest of the setup? comp, tires, weight... track open in march, im jealous.
Yeah SBC 385CI. 3300# with me in. Tires MT DR's 315/60/15. I don't think the tracks here ever close.

You have 5th faceplated? That's kind of unusual. Where did you get your gears from? Liberty or Rockland? never mind just saw your signature. G-force.

Yeah I was at Fontana in PSCA. If you were there. I have the green 1st gen with primer rear panels.
I noticed after that you have the G Force 5 speed. I'm hoping it's not going to be very expensive to fix. 1st and 3-6 work fine. 2nd does nothing. Shifter goes to the second gear slot but the gear doesn't engage. Can push the car around with the shifter in second. No unusual noises. I will try to get the trans out tomorrow to see what the issue is.

I am running a McLeod single disc. Aluminum Flywheel. Hydraulic throwout.
What it's supposed to look like:

What is wrong:
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My second run where I was in third, my 60' was 1.66. I was running 11PSI in the DR's. I think I will probably run 13-15PSI next time out.

If I can get the trans fixed in time I will try to make the Super Chevy Show.
Looks like I'm going to replace all of the faceplates with the newer designed 7 lug plate instead of the 9 lug. The 9 lug are smaller at the base. the new 7 lug are wider at the base. New design:

Would be nice if I could get the gears and plate made as one piece instead of the plate being welded on. Should be about $600 for the new set.
Had good traction. The track was prepped really well. Record were broken in quite a few classes. I had the two step limiter set too low at 4000 rpm. As soon as I launched the motor was dragged down to about 2500 rpm. Then the top end limiter was set too low at 7500. I think the second gear faceplate was broken on this run. The second run had a better 60' with a 1.66x, unfortunately I left in third gear instead of first. Spun the clutch. Tried to shift into second and no go.

Gears are going back to Liberty this week to have the plating re-done with their 7 lug plate and sliders. I hope to be back out by late April
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