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First time out today and...

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First pass was 11.74 @ 119mph. Left at 4000, way not enough RPM. 1.883 60'. Second pass left at 7000, 1.66 60' and that was about it. Apparently I didn't put it in first and left in third. Tried to shift into second, no second gear. Slow ride the rest of the way. I had fun even with breaking the trans. We'll see what it need next week sometime. T56 faceplated trans, just in case.
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howdy fellas i was at the psca event this weekend also i had a blast i had old mt drag radials and got new ones and my car picked up i went from 235s to 255s and running 12.50s and going 12.12s i still need more converter i have a 3000 and i cant get out of the hole quick enough my 60ftrs arent that impressive but they are better i was doing 1.80s with the old tires put the new ones on and got 1.73s which i think is an improvement still cant figure it out though why my car doesnt 60ft better ive tried different air pressure and the car slowed down :eek: thats why i think i need a looser converter i had the gray primered nova with a black hood i was running in trophy class :yes:
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