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First Time in the sun

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Finally. The engine runs, the glass is in and the sun was out so I moved the car to the front of the house and hosed the dust off.

The interior

It's been 19 months since I started and it's time to drive it. After I get the exhaust system finished, I'll get the wheels aligned and have the backspacing measured by the tire shop and get the wheels ordered.
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awsome!!!Thats a great feeling!!!
Fantastic, must be great to be finally out! :yes: :yes:
Looks good, time to have some fun with it. :yes:
I like your interior, for a none stock setup, it looks good and so does the rest of the car!LOL!!!:yes:
don't have to ask how i feel about the color :D:D...great job on everything :yes:
Truely a masterpiece you have there...

Where did you get those door panels and what color is that?
Thanks to all

Thanks for the comments. My wife asked me if it's really done. After some silence while I tried to figure out there's more I want to do but we can drive it, she gave me "the look" and said "it's just like the boat right? Always something to add or replace." I said yup - and ran for cover.

Ovrdrive, the color is Ford's Blue Flame and Antique White. The first coat of clear has 4% by weight pearl making some of the lines really pop. I got the seats at a swap meet. The door panels are an adventure in themselves. Between this site and youtube, I decided to take a shot at making my own. If you look in my photobucket you'll see some of the layout as I was figuring out what it should look like. They weren't difficult to do, just time consuming. The challenges were attaching the upper section to the cardboard and incorporating the speakers which are mounted to the door and the panel has to line up. I have to built some speaker grills to finish the door panels off, but that's a winter job.
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Very nice and don't let the wife know that they're never done
Congrats! And those seats sure look comfy.
verry nice, congrats on everything. now pack up the wife & kids and take 'er out for a cruise!!!! :yes:
Hey Flyer

Huh, Thanks for the suggestion to pack up the wife & kids, but the Nova won't hold them all. One wife (36 years), four kids 34, 30 & twin 25 year olds. Then there's the grand kids....10 & 2.5....and they announced #3 is on the way. I set the car up so it's for mom & me and a couple small ones.

It gets licensed and the full insurance starts in the morning. I still have a lot of little things to do, but that's what makes it fun. -p-
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