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First run

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Got my ride together enough to make a pass. First run off the trailer was a 6.47 @110mph.Best run was a [email protected] here is a link to my first pass:D
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Thank you. Still have a lot to do on it. going to start with installing my shift light:eek:
I need to get an aligment for the front and have the car scaled. I hope to pick up a few 10ths.
Need to jump in a 6.50 index class.... :yes:

What were the 60 #'s..?
Car looks really good!!! Nice pass!! RICK
very nice!! i like the color as well :D
nice run and good looking car, ever run 1/4? curious to see those times
60 ft times

60ft for the 6.47 was 1.56 and for the 6.37 1.47. I also have 2 stages of

nitrous on the car just looking to get the setup right before using it.
This was the first time the car was on the track. I plan on running the 1/4 when I get back from the Food lion Auto fair in Charlotte nc next weekend. I will be sure to post the times. :D
I have been out for a few more test and tunes. Car has been 6:[email protected] on motor. 60ft times are 1:40. Car is still spinning off the line. Was hoping to get to VMSP this weekend for 1/4 passes but Sandy has put an end to those plans.
beautiful ride, I wish I was breaking a bill by the 1/8th. keep the videos coming when you do get to 1/4... please, if its convenient for ya.:cool:
Clean run. Great hole shot. She looks like she hooks up perfect and runs straight!! Congrats. I second the 1/4 mile comment. I'd love to see the MPH in that run! :)

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