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I swapped my 6 for a 8.
The engine is 80-85 350.

I am trying to wire up the starter.

1. I have the power wire running to the large center post
2. i have two eyelets.
- 1 purple
- 1 black red / 1 black

I tried both eyelets on both posts.

I can hard jump it.

Please help to understand how to wire up the engine to turn over with the key.

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For future reference, bookmark this page for a 63 Chevy II wiring diagram:

Not that I always do things right, try and post what year you are dealing with and any other info you might have. Any of us would rather have too much information than not enough.

So, I'm guessing this problem is with your 63 ?.

Basically if you look at the diagram in the link above, you have two smaller sized wires going to the starter solenoid. One should be a purple wire that if tested without it being connected to anything will show battery voltage when the key is only in the crank position. The other wire in the diagram shows it to be a pink wire but you are calling out different wires so who knows what is going on there yet but anyway this other factory wire should only show power when the key is in the run AND crank position and it should be a tad less than the battery voltage. The reason for this is if the factory wiring is still in place, this wire end is going through a resistance wire to drop voltage to the original coil.

Once you verify what wires are doing what, on the starter solenoid, there are two small threaded studs at about the 9:00 position and 3:00 position while the battery cable will be on the larger threaded stud terminal at the 12:00 position and a flat bar coming off of a connector bolt with a spacer off of the solenoid at the 6:00 position.

Normally, the small threaded stud closest to the motor (the 3:00 position) with the starter and solenoid bolted onto the motor will have the purple wire going to it and then the other wire that showed voltage when the key was in the run AND crank position would go to the other small threaded stud on the solenoid (at the 9:00 position).

Your large threaded stud at the 12:00 position will have the main battery cable connected to it with the other end of this cable going to the battery positive post under the hood with nothing else on that stud.

The other stud at the 6:00 position of the solenoid with a flat bar going downward into the inside of the starter motor itself will have no wiring connected to it.

If for some reason you do not get the proper power on the wires when you have the ignition key in the different positions, post back. Sometimes the reason the purple wire does not show power when the key is in the crank position only could be from it not being in park or neutral, from a safety switch not being adjusted right, a wire disconnected under the dash, a connection issue at the firewall bulkhead connector and a host of other issues.

With some of the color wires you have not matching what the diagram shows, either the diagram is wrong or possibly someone has put in a different wire somewhere.

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