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I bought my nova two weeks ago. The car had been sitting for about two years. First thing I did was replace the battery and it fired right up. That is when I noticed that engine was spitting oil out the side of the block, gas was shooting straight up out of the card, and water was leaking from the water pump. I plugged the hole that was leaking oil, fixed the needle that was stuck open on the carb, and replaced the water pump. Then tried again, I had a loud knocking sound from the driver side header, so I pulled the headers and replaced header gaskets and collector pipe gaskets and spark plugs since I was there. then tried again. Now it seemed like I did not have any power, like it would bogg down when I stepped on the gas. I thought well maybe the timing is off. So I reset the timing, and still, NO POWER. I was getting very mad at it. So today I pulled the carb, to clean it, I noticied that the rear barrerls would not open up. I cleaned the whole thing, and put it back on, and WOW, that thing came alive, I took it around the block and going about 20-25 the thing would spin the tires, I was really impressed. well I will keep you up on the progress as I get there.

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