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Firewall Paint

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Hi everyone
I'm restoring a 72 Nova and I'm ready to paint the firewall and dash and was wondering whats a good durable satin paint to us.I've smoothed the firewall and painted with SPI epoxy and was thinking of just leaving it like that but I've noticed it scratches easily I painted the underside,inside and trunk with SPI epoxy primer and it seems pretty durable to chemicals but you can scratch it.When I say scratch I'm saying hitting it with something ,I guess all paint will scratch.You can rub on it all day with a rug and its good,I've even taken paint thinner and rubbed on it and it will not hurt it.Sitting here posting this makes me think this is some pretty good stuff.


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Epoxy is a great sealer and it does look cool but I don't think it's as tough as paint. I spray suspension parts with epoxy and then clear it with a satin clear for protection. If you like the look I guess you could do the same with yours.
I would color match it to the body paint. RICK
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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