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Got this car when i was 14. My dad bought it in GA when he was in the army. Drove it all the way back to IA when i was 16. Overall i have put a lot of time getting parts for it. Needs quarts since they are rusted and bondo'd up. I have little money and no expirence working on cars but I try to learn what i can on this one. Moved into this house 6 years ago and i drove it in the garage, had 2 kids, and never touched it again. Just put a new battery in 2 weeks ago, added, fuel and she started right up. Always did in the spring, but six years, I was shocked.


Year: 1974

Model: Nova SOA

Engine: 350, 30 over

Body/Exterior: white with black stripes

Front End:

Transmission: 350,

Rear End: 10 bolt


Wheels/Tires: 15s in back, 14s in fronts, no money

Interior: Black, needs seats redone



Sound system:

Additional Comments:
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