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Finding TDC

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Iv'e have a question. To find tdc using a piston stop make sure piston is down in the cyl. Install stop in #1 spark plug hole, slowly rotate c/w until piston hits stop.mark spot on balencer across from pointer. Then rotate engine cc/w until piston stops again,also mark this spot across from pointer.Half way beteen these marks is TDC. remove stop ,rotate engine so the middle mark lines up with pointer.You should now be at TDC, Correct? Also i have a solid lifter cam(int.520exh.540. dur. @.050 int.244 exh252) To set timing,rotate engine from the 0 mark to mabey 18deg.btdc Remove dist. cap and verify rotor pointing to #1 dist. post, Sorry for being so long just wanted to be sure. Thanks to everyone
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Yes motor is in car,I'm not degreeing the cam(I don't have a wheel)I'm already driving the car I just wanted to verify TDC and timing. thanks
I really don't know why the marks were so far off? I always check everything twice,But I made a mistake somewhere.I'll set TDC and that will give me alot of information.I wanted to make sure i was doing it right.Thanks so much everyone
Another way would be to remove the left valve cover and rotate engine until both ent.&ext. valves are closed (rockers on #1 are all the way up) This to would be TDC or 0 on balancer across from pointer. RIGHT ?
We all have different way's to achieve the same goal.It doesn't take much "eyeballin" to see both rockers on #1cylinder at there highest point before ext. valve starts to open.I'm not saying it's the only way,Just one of the ways to find TDC on the compression stroke.
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