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Well, after pulling the engine to check bearings, install a belt drive, newer heads, etc. I'm getting things back together.

Had the engine in and the transmission bolted up and things were looking good. Then I drained the fluid in the transmission, took off the pan to check things out and found some metal in the bottom of the pan along with a lot of other "material". Pulled the trans, took it to my builder who then found the thing was on the verge of blowing up. The metal pieces in the trans were from a snap ring that had something to do with holding the sun shell and secondary sprag in place. The sprag was rubbing against the sun shell and making a lot of metal, but it was very fine metal (powder). It wore about 3/16" off of the sprag, and chewed up the sun shell and pump.

$525 later, and with help from my brother, the trans is back in the car and I should be able to fire this thing this weekend.

Always like running into things like this :no: If it wouldn't have been for that snap ring, I'd have probably put a 4th year on the transmission. I'll be checking it more often from here on out.
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