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fiberglass '65 trunk lid

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Hi all,

l have a glass lid for a 65. l honestly have very little use for it. Car is already painted with a metal lid. Guess l could change it out if l ever paint it again.
anyway, it is brand new, and has provisions to be a bolt on. No other hardware or anything, just bolts where the hinges bolt up. Primer grey. l'm on Long Island, in New York. l really have no idea how to ship this thing, or how much it might be, so hoping someone relatively local can use it.
l do need a few things for my car if anyone wants it, maybe we can work something out. Really want some reverse delete plates. Could use electric fuel pump set up.
l can take some pics of it, or try to answer any questions for interested parties. Stored away in the loft of my shed, but as far as l know, there aren't any issues at all with it. Came with the car when l bought it.
anyway... get back to me if interested. l only get to go one site once or twice a week, so don't be discouraged if l don't get back to you right away please. Thanks!! Bill
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