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fender vents

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Hi guys got a question, did all 69 novas come with fender vents? Wat about 70 and I have seen some on 71 too which years had them and which didn't?
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i've always wondered this too. my 69 doesn't have them.

Following copyed from above link

For 1969, the Chevy II nameplate was retired and the car became the "Chevrolet Nova" for this year (some sources referred to it as the Chevrolet Chevy Nova - perhaps the decision to drop the Chevy II moniker was a last-minute decision for 1969). No Chevy nameplates remained for 1969. The trunklid badge "Chevy II by Chevrolet" was replaced by "Nova by Chevrolet" Like other 1969 GM vehicles, locking steering columns were incorporated. Simulated vents were added below the Nova script, which was relocated to the front fender instead of the rear quarter panel. The 350 in³ V8 with four-barrel carburetor that came standard with the SS option was revised with a 5 hp increase to 300 hp while a two-barrel carbureted version of the 350 in³ V8 rated at 255 hp was a new option on non-SS models. A new Turbo-Hydramatic 350 three-speed automatic was made available for non-SS Novas with six-cylinder and V8 engines.
Basically a carryover from 1969; the side markers and taillight lenses for the 1970 Nova were wider and positioned slightly differently. This was the final year for the SS396. All other engines were carried over including the seldom-ordered four-cylinder which was in its final year. The car finally became simply the Chevrolet Nova this year after two years of transitional nameplates (Chevy II Nova in 1968 and Chevrolet Chevy Nova in 1969).Approximately 177 COPO Novas were ordered, with 175 converted by Yenko Chevrolet. The other two were sold in Canada.
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