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How complete are these kits? ie: connectors and such! or do you have to buy them elsewhere? Thanks
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They're not a plug and play harness , if that's what you're asking . They come with a GM type fuse block , with all the wires running out of it , but you have to terminate all the wires . There are a couple of pig-tails for the headlights and a couple of different connectors to plug into the steering column plug , but no connectors to speak of (such as for the ignition switch or headlight switch ) . You will have to use your original plugs and wire the harness into them . There is also no firewall plug-in/pass-through that separates the engine harness from the inside portion , I happen to like that particular feature because you can do away with the original setup and put the wires through the firewall wherever you want .

In a nutshell , if you want to just replace a factory harness , this is probably not what you would want . But if you were totally redoing a car and needed a modern harness with plenty of circuits for updated accessories (power windows , A/C , elec. door locks , elec. fuel pump , ect.) then this would be a good choice . I used one in my 67 and have one for my current project , my opinion is that they're as good as any basic harness out there , with an excellent price .
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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