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How complete are these kits? ie: connectors and such! or do you have to buy them elsewhere? Thanks
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I just finished putting a 21 circuit EZ Harness in a 73 307 stick car. The next time would be much ezier, but still not EZ. It didn't arrive with instructions, and only a few connectors.
The ingition switch wires, turn signal switch wires and the dimmer switch wires are already terminated, you just have to finish them off.

The rest of the harness is very high quality, and the wires are labeled every few inches so it is easy to trace them, but as said, it's not a plug and play.

I would never have gotten it to work if I didn't have a copy of a factory wiring diagram, with circuit codes. Even with that, it was difficult because EZ uses different circuit configurations than the OEM, and my mind wanted to wire it as OEM.

This would be a great harness for a hot rod or for a car that was customized - I think what made it hard was trying to get it to match up with OEM stuff like the connector for the instrument panel. The different circuit layout made that pretty confusing, and even though I've done quite a bit of wiring, I had to walk away from this one a few times to let it soak in.

I should say though, that when I put the battery in it this afternoon, everything worked like it was supposed to. I haven't figured out how I'm going to mount the fuse box - it looks just like a GM, but the way the wires come out of the back, you can't mount it to the original mounting holes.

If you decide to go for it, I would be glad to share more to try to make it EZ for you.
This was good information as I was thinking going E-Z also. Do you happen to have any pics ro could provide any on what you did with the fusebox?
i have a 64 wagon and mines almost done ive got the engine,dash and rear light harness all done.. car starts and runs great and the rear lights work awsome i used the mini12 from was alot to get hooked up to the ignition and headlight switch and column.. just have a wiring diagram of the car handy and do it all on the living room floor and it will go fine its not really that bad once you get going i updated my headlight switch too and its all good..
i had to make a small bracket to hold the box to mount it under the dash
just pm me if you have any questions
Is your wagon have a power tailgate? Just wondering if the kit worked well with that.
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