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How complete are these kits? ie: connectors and such! or do you have to buy them elsewhere? Thanks
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I just obtained one of these yesterday at a swap meet. Its brand new and got a great deal on it. I mainly got it because i'm converting to an HEI and internal regulated alternator and didn't feel like figuring out how to reconfigure my already butchered up engine bay harnesses. I figured a newer style harness with a better fuse block and more circuts would be a better choice. But like everyone said., it has no connectors for the most part and no wiring diagram. Now i'm wondering how to wire it in to the original switches and such in the dash. Namely the stock ignition switch. Its nice looking, but now i'm wondering if I made a good decision to buy this kit.
They work great when installed. Its just getting them installed thats the challenge.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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